Recent Works

Vulture Culture

Despite being mid-summer in rural Pennsylvania, down in the bowels of this 1980’s ranch-style house, the air feels cool and dry— perfect for storing perishables, or mounted deer heads. Clack, clack, clack; thump. The sound of billiard balls echoes through the drafty, oddity-filled room.

The Bone Collector

The arthritic brass bolts strains as the door opens, inviting along a sprightly draft. The door catches around a battered corner of a wooden floorboard as a pointy-nosed lady, clad in proper furs, steps inside. She eyes down a pair of fox twins that adorns the display at the store’s entrance while embracing the, now swirling, aroma of florals and leather-polishing oils, infused between and around every pore of the intimate space.